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Design studio since 2002

During a career in the international corporate world, I decided to pursue my creative ambitions. After a study in Art Direction and Advertising Design I started my own design studio in 2002. 


Soon this became a collaboration with two fellow Art Direction graduates, called ReclameMét. Through this collaboration we are able to offer our business clients extensive continuïty and manpower for larger projects.

Client assignments 

I advise and design for a wide range of companies and their audiences. I empathize in the matter and the company, making the assignment my own. 

I’ve been called a multi-talent, which can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Photography, painting, designing, printing, fabrics, interior design: I have many creative interests and enjoy learning new techniques. I realise I could do anything if I really want to. But then, this doesn’t give a clear starting point for -let’s say- a portfolio website… 😉 

Lately, I find myself moving more towards illustration. Capture a feeling with simple shapes and beautiful colours. Colour and nature have always been a source of inspiration. Besides working on client assignments (design and communication for print and digital), I’m creating illustrations.and add my signature of simplicity and warmth.