The FRESH collection


A modern and abstract mini-collection

Hand-painted in a refreshing mix of colours: Pyrrole red, Titanium White, Pink (a mix of Zinc White + Pyrrole Red) and Yellow Sand (a mix of Zinc White + Yellow Ochre).
Acrylic paint on cotton canvas.

In this series, I have explored various techniques and tools. The sharp edges of ‘Geometric’ and ‘Elegance’ are applied with a very small brush (and a lot of patience). Large areas filled in with a larger brush. For ‘Strawberries and Cream’, a silicone spatula creates the swirly stroke. It looks deceivingly simple, but I found out it takes a lot of practice to get the perfect swoosh. For ‘Abstract’ the palette knife and a thickening medium creates a rough texture on the canvas.

By using the same colours throughout the collection, they match even though they have different styles. I love getting in the flow of painting, focussing only on balancing the colours and shapes that make me happy. I hope these artworks will give you as much enjoyment in your home or interior, as they gave me while making them.

The BRIGHT collection


A sunny and uplifting collection

Hand-painted in Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Blue.
Acrylic paint on cotton canvas. The 24x30cm artworks are embellished with gold.

I hope these artworks will brighten up your day, everytime you look at them.

Original and unique works

All paintings above are original and unique artworks. No reproductions will be made.

Alle schilderijen hierboven zijn originele en unieke kunstwerken. Er worden geen reproducties van gemaakt.


Paintings up until size 30x40cm can be shipped.
They will be packed carefully and sent by registered and insured mail.
Free shipping within The Netherlands.

European shipping: € 22,00.
International shipping: maximum € 50,00.

Contact us for the exact shipping specifications for your country.


Paintings can be picked up from the studio in Aalsmeer (by appointment only).